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Normann Copenhagen Bop table large

Normann Copenhagen Bop table large

The designer Jordi Pla has created a table with rounded lines and a simple, accommodating feel for Normann Copenhagen. The Bop
table is oblong in shape and functional in design and gets its personality from a playful balance between the grown-up and childlike
modes of expression.
Jordi Pla’s designs are often inspired by nature. This is clearly evident in the Bop table that evokes thoughts of the Baobab tree,
known for its characteristically stout trunk. The designer has worked with shapes, proportions, thickness and details giving Bop a
soft yet robust feel.
Jordi Pla says: ”The Bop range consists of a table and a chair. It was important for me that both pieces of furniture employed the
same feel as well as being able to function by themselves. The Bop table has its own unique character, which for example, is
underlined by the materials and colors being different for each table and chair.”
The Bop table is available in ash, with a hard-wearing lacquered finish. You can combine the table with your dining chairs or the
matching Bop chairs available in white or grey. It is suitable for use as a dining table or as a spacious desk.

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