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Kristalia Lilium

Kristalia Lilium

Lilium provides a fixed glass surface on die cast aluminium legs, which is both beautiful and extremely functional. It is ideal for meeting rooms, or waiting rooms, in offices or restaurants. As the table legs are attached at the corners, it provides the impression that the table has been designed to create an organic feel. The flow of the design naturally enhances any room.
Lilium is available in either a square or rectangle, and is also available in five different sizes. Not only that, but it is also available in a range of colours which can easily be integrated into your corporate colour code. The glass table surface is fifteen millimetres thick, which means that as well as being incredibly functional, it is extremely safe. This also makes it ideal for use in restaurants, bars and hotels. The range of options, means that you can use a mix of table sizes and colours to create a unique room, demonstrating the best in Italian design, providing your business with that great first impression.

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