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Kristalia Fifty

Kristalia Fifty

The Fifty really is a wonderful example of a modern table with minimalist design. Available in fixed or extendable versions, it is a sleek rectangle which comes in a variety of finishes. The elegant rectangular legs placed at each corner support the Fifty beautifully, while ensuring that the extension can be hidden in a table that is just 50mm thick. The extensions, and the Fifty comes with two extensions, are cleverly concealed inside the table top. This means that if you wish, you can create a very large table top space. As the table parts, the extension trays are revealed and the panels can easily be fitted into place to create a table of the dimensions you require. Whether you choose to implement one or two extensions the overall lines of the Fifty table are unimpaired, thanks to the genius of choosing to place the legs at each corner. The Fifty comes in two different versions. You can choose to have this chic table with the top in aluminium honeycomb mesh, which is then veneered with oak stained wenge, or grey. Or, choose the top in glass which can be painted in various colours. Highly stable, and extremely flexible and versatile, the Fifty allows you to choose just the size of top you want on any occasion, and can be extended to vast proportions. The Fifty table is perfect for the home, but also for offices and showrooms, and the fixed version of this exciting table also makes a great work desk.

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