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Kristalia Easy

Kristalia Easy

Easy is a modern extendable table by Kristalia that is both beautiful in design and practically functional. This item fits perfectly into a minimalist setting, bringing style and elegance into whichever room it is placed into. It is the ideal choice for those who are pushed for space and it can fit into really small spaces and be extended to a much bigger size when needed. The Easy table comes in two models, one being the modern extendable table and the other being fixed. The top of the Easy table is available in various sizes, the thinnest being 10 mm. This super stylish item is nice and light but very stable, strong and sturdy. The colour of the table legs can be altered to suit your own personal taste and style, painted gray, white or black, to create interesting and eye-catching colour combination and bring out the very best of your interior design aesthetic. Style and innovation are key aspects of this wonderful modern extendable table and the technological approach used to create this product ensures that the Easy table fits into a wide variety of environments and is appropriate for a range of situations, while maintaining its aesthetic quality as a centre piece inside of its allocated space.

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