Normann Copenhagen Rope

Normann Copenhagen welcomes a new comfortable modular sofa from designer Hans Hornemann. The main goal was to design a modular sofa that was really comfortable and would make you want to relax and stretch out for hours at a time. The inspiration for Rope has been drawn from classic furniture design. This can be seen in the piping, which marks the edge of the furniture in an understated and elegant way. It is precisely this detail that the designer Hans Hornemann has highlighted and turned into a fundamental element of Rope. All other excess details have been removed from the design.
The design plays with dimensions and curves in order to give Rope an expression that is simultaneously minimalistic and full of character. For example, the sofa has no under-frame so that the seat continues almost right down to the floor. The sofa rests on low, black lacquered wooden feet, which raise it slightly from the floor and lighten the sturdy expression. Finally, the clean and simple piping lends dynamics to the design.

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