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Kristalia Dart

Kristalia Dart

The bar stool has now found a totally new conception in the form of Luca Nichetto’s wonderful Dart design. The Dart stool is shaped in a dynamic form, somewhat resembling an apostrophe or tear, with a streamlined figure that will look elegant and striking at any worktop or kitchen bar. Any drinks served to guests sitting at this stool will be enjoyed in an atmosphere which oozes class and elegance.
The Dart design is minimalist, yet retains a sense of passion with its flowing lines which reflect the desire of its designer to create the stool of the future. The simplicity of form that it displays belays the complexity of the thought and technique that went into producing it – with the Dart stool being comprised of 24 separate elements. It is also made from a specially assembled group of materials, including light weight aluminium and next generation soft polyurethane and polypropylene, providing a luxuriously comfortable sitting experience. A beautifully imaginative touch is the gas pump which customizes the stool, and is easily operated by a switch on its side. Clever, beautiful and elegant, this stool is also easy to disassemble and recycle, making it absolutely eco-friendly.

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