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Kristalia Boum Disc Base

Kristalia Boum Disc Base

This superbly conceived swivel chair from the designers at Boum has a wonderfully organic feel and would slot into any contemporary office or retail space in style. Fully rotatable via its skillfully finished steel base, the Boum disc base chair can therefore be used in many positions around the home or office. Ideal for conferences and meetings where break out sessions require participants to be totally mobile, this chair will also put clients at their ease when selling merchandise in modern environments. The chair comes with a soft and absolutely luxurious fabric finish, while the gas piston pump which operates the smooth height adjustment function is attached to the rear of the chair, and is unobtrusive and elegantly designed.
The fabric can also be customized in over 80 different tones, ensuring that the Boum chair can fit into almost any professional or domestic context, making it an excellent and versatile item of furniture to provide the finishing touch to special modern interiors. The plastic shell is also customisable, coming in black or white, with a lovely soft finish, avoiding any appearance of brashness and appearing absolutely tasteful. This completely contemporary chair will add something to any space where individuals want to feel comfortable and relaxed, whether in the office, waiting room, bar or living room.

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