Pastoe L-spring

Pastoe L-spring

35 Years after the introduction of the first design from the L Series, one of the most successful designs from the Pastoe range, we now present you with its successor, the L-Spring.
This version is lighter, although it has the same classic proportions that are characteristic for the L Series. What made the L Series successful was its simplicity and powerful volume. Today, elegance and functionality are in demand. The lower top and plinth, thinner closed sides, wider handles and the lower fronts with wide drawers have given the cabinet a new look. The L-Spring is very contemporary due to its asymmetrical frontal arrangement, which is in line with the customer's wish for more practical applications. In addition, the design of the cabinet is suitable for both home and business environments. The L-Spring's look is characteristic of Pastoe: demure and distinctive.
It is available in three versions – two sideboards and one highboard. The 213cm long sideboard is supplied as standard with a media compartment and a cable feedthrough. The highboard is a writing desk, i.e. a mini-work station, and the open flap provides space for a laptop. The body and interior of the L-Spring are made of grey melanin (a plastic with a colour comparable to Pastoe Stone Grey 312). The standard handles and strips are made of white anodised aluminium, but painted ones in Pastoe colours are also available.

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