Thonet S96

Thonet S96

The flowing ergonomic form and striking details provide the S 95 with a visual lightness and cool elegance. The clear lines and appealing combination of materials signify sportiness. All elements of the conference chair positively form a cohesive unity whether as a cantile- ver chair or in various swivel chair versions.

The most striking element is the open design of backrest as the centre of the design. The upholstery and aluminium swivel cross base reveal references to current automobile design. In addition, the inlays in the four-leg cross base are special eye catchers: inserts made of dif- ferent materials add that special element to the chair and visually connect it with the new table program A 1700 Evo in which the appropriate inlays can be integrated in the table legs as well. The chair’s metal parts – especially the aluminium connectors between the seat and backrest and the four-leg cross base – have the appeal of bent flat steel, reminiscent of the traditional craft. All of the upholstered parts have a dynamic shape and, despite their filigree structure, guarantee a high level of comfort.

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